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And during the last decades of the 20th century, the progressive, democratic vision that Nelson Mandela represented in many ways set the terms of international political debate. It doesn’t mean that vision was always victorious, but it set the terms, the parameters; it guided how we thought about the meaning of progress, and it continued to propel the world forward. Yes, there were still tragedies bloody civil wars from the Balkans to the Congo.

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Downtown Clermont Farmers Market boasts 60+ vendorsLauren DelgadoThe Downtown Clermont Farmers Market brings 60 plus vendors to the heart of this historic area. Sundays at 685 W. Montrose in Clermont. The medical industry will pump all kinds of drugs, perhaps perform surgery, and who knows what other methods to try and remove the disease. Sometimes successful, other times not, and then success is sometimes short lived. I believe that there are natural cures for cancer.

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