Something simple and enjoyable like that, which seems to be devoid of any crass elements, can be a nice change of pace for a fantasy adventure series if it holds up.The artistic merits of the first couple of episodes are pretty solid, even if the visuals don’t have a lot of flash and gloss to them. In fact, the artistry shows a penchant for softer, less distinct lines and colors which gives the series just a bit of a different look and feel compared to other recent fantasy series. The A 1 Pictures animation effort is a step above the norm, and the soundtrack by Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu ably supports the content.

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Research shows they spend far more than Japanese visitors. In 2016, Chinese from mainland China spent $260 billion on overseas travel an increase of $11 billion from 2015. This follows a trend of double digit growth in China outbound tourism expenditure every year since 2004, cites Wong.As a business move, it prudent also to diversify one customer base.

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