Songs I think of as Dylan songs were from the mid 1970s, says Kocsis. Favorite live recording is easily the electric and exciting 1975 the live document of Dylan barnstorming Rolling Thunder Revue tour. My favorite studio recording has to be on the Tracks (1975).

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“There was nobody working at night, a couple of guys during the day and one during the evening,” Wright said. “At that time, we said we were going to hire two employees, add a third EMS vehicle and buy a ladder truck. Since 1998, instead of hiring two employees, we’ve hired nine employees, in addition to purchasing the ladder truck and a third EMS vehicle.

They were always red, white and blue. The club minutes from 1939 record a vote to “change the club colours to white with a red and blue band.” The earliest pics I’ve seen were early 50’s with a dark blue jersey with red and white bands. Early 60’s saw a lighter blue jersey with a red and white V.

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Dr. Risk has dedicated her life to guiding those who have fallen through the cracks in our health care system to achieve wellness so they can live their lives, instead of just surviving. Tune in to Falling Through the Cracks, broadcasting live every Monday at 9 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel..

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